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Lifeshine is a superb product and one that we highly recommend. 

The paintwork protecting Carbon Shield is superb and especially recommended if you live in a costal town suffering with seagull droppings on your cars paintwork. Talking from experience, Lifeshine has protected my cars paintwork from the damaging affect of bird lime eating into the lacquer. I have also found keeping my car clean and washing Devons continuously dirty roads off my paintwork a doddle. Its not just a product we sell, its one that we all personally use and stand by with our own private cars having being Lifeshine protected. 

The Interior protectant is again a superb product, here at East Devon Automotive, we all enjoy a active lifestyle mountain biking and surfing. Speaking from experience, the interior protect is a superb barrier if you have children, pets or muddy bikes going into your car. Again its been tried and tested by us.

We offer a flat rate of £500.00 per car for Lifeshine 

If your interested in Lifeshining a car your currently purchasing off us, then we can offer a substantial discount as we will have already analysed and and prepped the car. 

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